Sondermuster Nr. #4 “Dresdner Ratsbesteck”
Entwurf: Karl Groß, ~1913

This pattern was exclusively designed for the city of Dresden and is known as the "Dresdner Ratsbesteck" (pattern for the city council of Dresden); the coat of arms is that of Dresden. It was designed by Karl Gross, who was head of the Dresden school of Applied Arts.
It was designed to furnish the newly erected "Rathaus" of the city, around 1913. Only 300 were produced of each piece. The producer was Bruckmann in Heilbronn, the donator was the Goldschmiede-Innung (Association of Dresden Goldsmiths), and it was financed by the "Association of Saxonian Businessmen" (the engraved monogram on the back is theirs).
It was believed that all pieces were destroyed during the bombing of Dresden, as were the pieces of silver tableware that had belonged to the city. But a very few pieces of the cutlery turned up on the market, and about 24 pieces are known to have survived.

800er Silber.

Coat of Arms and Hallmark
800er Silber.