is an online resource for information on, and research into, silverware designs manufactured by the German silversmiths Bruckmann & Söhne, with the main focus being on Antique and Vintage flatware designs.
For those of you looking for general information on German silver, I highly recommend the Online Encyclopedia of Hallmarks They have a Forum manned by very knowledgeable folks who are always happy to help.

This site is a "work in progress", and will probably remain so, given the vast amount of information to discover. What this means is that many areas are incomplete, and for this I make no apologies. However, if you spot any of the inevitable errors and mistakes, please tell me.

Raison d'être

My first contact with silver was through the gift of a napkin ring. I discovered the hallmark to be Bruckmann's; I then began to "haunt" online antique shops and auctions, looking for interesting designs of his. I find flatware particularly appealing, as it is an art form with which one can physically interact, rather than solely on a visual level.
I soon discovered that collecting antique silver flatware is a very expensive business, so I decided to confine my research and resources to just four of Bruckmann's patterns, shown on the Collection page. I continue to look for pieces to add to my collection, especially serving flatware. From time to time I also sell one or two pieces.
As I continued researching Bruckmann's designs, organising the information became of paramount importance – and so this website was born. It soon became clear that many other people were interested in the same information.

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This site is intended for international use as there are many German speakers who find this site useful, but the translations are incomplete. The situation will improve over time.


Many people have kindly given permission for their images to be used on this site. Elsewhere, I have shamelessly taken pictures from all over the web, anywhere I could find them. If you see a picture on this site which you know to be yours, and I haven't asked you for permission to use it, please contact me.